Bio Quake X550 Dual Motor Mini Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine Review

Bio Quake X550 is a high quality mini-vibration whole body machine for great exercise activity. It is very ergonomic as it is controlled using a remote hence you can always adjust the program, time or even oscillation. This elegant vibration machine is very powerful as it comes with a double motor that enables it function very efficiently. This is the best mini- vibration body machine.

Very powerful for reliable exercise activity

This is the most powerful mini vibration machine. It has a dual motor that adds to 800 watt. It has a 500- watt linear motor just for the full body workout and a 300- watt oscillation motor for pivotal. It is able to produce up to 18.1 G-force hence the best for any exercise activity. This is just more than expected since it has great power supply.

For the best customizable vibration sessions

Bio Quake X550 Double Motor Mini-vibration Whole Body Platform Machine is found to be the most suitable when it comes to customizing your vibration sessions. This machine comes with three pre-programmed sessions that will always aid you in your vibration sessions. It also has a manual mode and three user programmable slot you can always use during exercise. Besides these, it also features a 60 speed of oscillation that is easily controlled using the remote. This is the most reliable vibration machine for you.

Easy control during exercise

As you vibrate, you need a very ergonomic machine. This is exactly what you find from Bio Quake X550 Double Motor Mini-vibrational Whole Body Machine. It has a remote control that enables you to adjust various operations in the machine. For example, you can adjust the programs, time and oscillation to any level you may prefer. It also comes with a complete user guide and black isometric balance straps for the best vibrations. Get this world-class mini vibration machine today and you will definitely love it.

Despite its high quality features, this modish vibration machine is relatively cheap and affordable. It has high quality features that greatly boosts its efficiency hence the best mini vibration machine. It is user-friendly as you can easily control most of the operations in the machine using a remote. This is the only mini vibration machine that provides more than expected.