Best Choice Products® New Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Review

Vibration Machines have a range of great health benefits which can improve your standard of living or just get you feeling fitter and healthier. Many users report losing weight after a few weeks of using the machine. They also say their muscles have toned up and they feel like they have much more energy.

There are many vibration machines to choose from but one of the cheapest models, still with good reviews, is the Best Choice Products New Slim Body Vibration Platform. This machine, while very affordable, is one of the best sellers on Amazon and has received many positive reviews from buyers.

The Best Choice Products Vibration Machine comes with three LED windows, has 20 speed options so you can work your way up to faster and faster vibrations and has a maximum weight capacity of 360 pounds. It’s been claimed 10 minutes on this machine is like a 60 minute workout so you really will feel the benefits of using this machine even after a short period of time.

Good Workout & Not Too Tiring

Vibration machines are a very popular way of getting a good workout. They will force your muscle to contract as the vibrations run through your body. It’s a soothing way to get a workout that won’t stress your body. In fact you may feel quite relaxed and at ease once finishing a session on the machine.

You’ll Feel So Much Healthier

The benefits of using vibration machines are too numerous to list here. Essentially they help you to shed the pounds, tone up your muscles, relax your body, soothe stiff and tired joints and help with blood circulation.


  • 3 LED windows for time
  • Anti-static and over-current protection
  • 20-speed option
  • Maximum Power: 1.5HP
  • Weight Capability: 360 LB

Bottom Line

If you have health issues then you may want to look into getting a vibration machine such as the Best Choice Products Vibration Platform for your home. It’s an affordable way to get a good workout without stressing your body too much. These machines have worked wonders for many people around the world and they may do the same for you.