Vibration Machine Reviews: Best Choice Products 1000W Vibration Platform Crazy Fitness Compact Machine

With the increasing need for workout and exercising here in the US and around the world, a lot of exercise machines have come in to the market. This makes choosing an appropriate exercise equipment one of the most important but difficult tasks towards meeting your workout needs. Vibration platform fitness machines just got into the crowded market of exercising machines.

A suitable workout machine should help you meet your workout objectives, which may include weight loss, burning the excess body fat, toning the muscles and maintaining good physique among other workout goals. The Best Choice Products 1000W Platform Crazy Fitness Compact Machine is complete workout equipment that achieves all the objectives, and more. With little effort, the platform tricks your body into producing rapid muscle contractions.

1000W Motor

The silent 1000W motor of the machine is powerful and very reliable. It has up to 99 speed levels which makes you adjust your workout to the desired intensity. This makes it a suitable exercise equipment for fitness beginners or individuals with weak bones who may require low intensity vibrations. Workout pros and energetic workout enthusiasts who would usually do with high speed vibrations will also find this machine helpful.

Pivotal Oscillation Vibration Type

Pivotal osculation vibration types have more advantages over lineal osculation types. In pivotal oscillations, the vibrations go through the whole body without shaking the head due to the tilt on the platform surface. Minimal or no vibrations in the associated with pivotal oscillations reduce the chances of headaches related to exercising.

Yoga Straps and Arm straps

Most workout machines and equipment specifically target just a section of the body. However, would a machine that targets your legs, hips, trunk and arms be of benefit to you? Well, this equipment comes with yoga and arm straps which are essential for users interested in toning upper body and arm muscles.


  • Comes with powerful 1000W motor with 99 speed levels
  • Resistant to power surge hence durable
  • Easy to use and comes with a simple remote control
  • The compact size makes it portable and easy to store
  • Affordable


  • This may not be for you in case you are a huge fan of another brand


This can be one of the best exercising machines due to its focus on both the lower and upper body. It produces vibrations which give a less tense massage to users. This helps in metabolism, monitoring body weight, burning calories, improving muscle strength, fitness and stability as well as good health associated with physical activities. Just like with any other exercising program or machine, the effectiveness of the Best Choice Products 1000W Platform Crazy Fitness Compact Machine is dependent on consistency of use.