Choosing The Best Cardio Machine For Your Cardio Training

Do you want to buy the best cardio machine? Cardio machines are manufactured to simulate running, cycling, walking, kayaking, or stair climbing. They can be motorized or be programmable. They help to increase your heart rate, burn excess body fats and calories as you exercise using them. Below is a guide you can use when choosing them. Below are some types of cardio machines and what to look for.

1) Treadmill

Treadmills enable you to exercise indoors. You should look for a motorized treadmill with a powerful motor. The belt should be able to fit your stride and a strong frame, with side and front rails. A stop device should also be available. Make sure you can adjust the grade and speed for a comfortable pace.

2) Stationery Bicycle

A stationary bike should be easy to use although it is not fit for a long duration. It’s a good cardio workout machine for cardiovascular workouts. You should look out one with a comfortable seat and toe clips.


3) Stair- Steppers

Stair steppers enable you to have workouts that involve simulating climbing of stairs. You should look for stair steppers that come with handrails and big stair platforms. They should also provide you with an independent foot action.used fitness equipment

4) Rowing Machines

This cardio equipment enables you to exercise your back, legs, and arms in one go. You should consider buying pulley models as they can simulate realistic rowing as compared to piston models.

5) Cross Country Ski Cardio Machine

Just as in cross country skiing, this cardio machine enables you to exercise your arms and legs. Some of these machines ski’s can move independently. For others, you have to push a ski to make another go backward.

Others ski machines have stationary hand grips while others use ropes. You should look for ski machines with a wide foot bed. That increases your stability.

6) Elliptical Trainers

These cardio machines provide you with up and down motions that are circular. That makes them a cross between stair stepper machine and a ski machine. Their exercises are impact free and are easy on joints.

You can adjust their grade and resistance automatically or manual depending on the model. You should look for an elliptical machine with easy to hold handlebars and pedals that are non-slip.

7) Vibration machine

A vibration machine, aka vibration plate, has been more and more popular for those who want to toning muscles, reduce weight and get rid of cellulite or even those who have problem with bone density. Whole body vibration machines help users in achieving their exercise goals effectively. You just need 10 minutes to have the same result as 1 hour of conventional exhausting training.


The above guide should make it easier for you to choose the best cardio machine for your exercises. You can also consult your doctor on the physical exercises that are best for your body.