Beginners Whole Body Vibration Exercise Chart by POWrX

Exercise helps maintain the health and overall well-being of an individual. Many of the people are not aware of the right ways of performing the exercises in their vibration exercise machines. It is here where the Beginners Whole Body Vibration Exercise Chart comes handy. The product comes with various exercising techniques and procedures which prove useful for the people who perform exercises on a regular basis.

Key Features

  • It’s a superb quality, A1 sized wall chart for WBV exercise
  • Contains a complete set of Whole Body Vibration exercises
  • Features 29 specific exercises for strength, stretching and relaxing massage
  • Introduces NEW Training Recommendations

Complete Exercise Programs

The exercise chart in the product covers all the types of exercises pertaining to the vibration exercise training. This chart will especially help the beginners to learn all the basic concepts about vibration training exercises. They will be able to progress towards the advanced level of vibration exercises in a quick way. The exercise programs are carefully chosen to improve the strength, flexibility, tone and endurance in an effective and safe manner.

Special Training Recommendations

The product comes with special training recommendations which will suggest about the values of frequency and time to be set in the vibration exercise machine. It basically takes the physical conditions of an individual into account to calculate these values. This will help the individuals to perform well in their exercises and achieve their desired goal of body fitness and health.

Precise Description

The exercise programs are framed to facilitate better understanding by all of the Whole Body Vibration exercise enthusiasts. They are well-written with clear illustrations for each of the exercise. All the exercises are accompanied with pictures that clearly describe the steps to be followed to perform those exercises. The instructions are not confusing, thereby, making it easy for the people to grasp those steps. It can be conveniently put on the vibration plates so that the people can easily see the chart while exercising.

In summary, this exercise chart compiles all the aspects of vibration exercise at one source. By possessing this product, one need not have to invest his/her precious time on researching about the various vibration exercising techniques. The Beginners Whole Body Vibration Exercise Chart by POWrX contains all the important exercise programs to be followed by a beginner. Hence, this product will be of great use to all those who are looking for a basic vibration exercise training.