Vibration Machine Reviews: Axis-Plate Elite-3300 Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine

When it comes to taking care of our bodies, we always want the best and most revolutionary methods and devices available in order to do so. Keeping our bodies in great shape increases our energy, elevates our productivity, and lengthens our lifespan. In effect, it makes our lifestyle that much more enjoyable. The Axis-Plate Elite-3300 Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine, or the “Elite-3300” for short, is designed as a revolutionary workout product; the Axis-Plate company describes the Elite-3300 as “the ultimate pro vibration plate experience”.

Powerful Design

The Elite-3300 features a 1,000 watt motor, which is quite powerful for a body vibration machine. It also features a heavy-duty build with a 400-pound weight limit, so chances are you’ll have a comfortable workout without fear of a structural malfunction. The sizable vibrating plate (27″ x 20″) allows for strong support and a spacious workout.


Chances are that you usually only hear the term “user-friendly” as part of a description for computer software, but the fact is that it’s quite applicable for workout machinery as well. The Elite-3300 comes with black isometric balance straps, so there’s no fear of falling off and causing injury. You’ll also notice that the comfort grip handles are both sturdy and easy to clean. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to put this machine together – it comes with clear, simple instructions and the only extraneous pieces you’ll need: 120-volt grounded cord, the balance straps, and basic assembly tools.

Profuse Technology

Technology is king for the Elite-3000, as it features 50 speed settings in its workouts, all backed by that powerful 1000 watt motor. Two sets of LCD panels – upper and lower – allow for more precise control over your workout, and three separate pre-programmed workout options (Body Sculpting, Cardio, and Intermediate) enable you to choose which area of your body you want to focus on improving.


  • The machine’s design is sturdy, yet it still offers the necessary power to make your workout worthwhile.
  • The assembly process is simple and quick.
  • The numerous speed settings (50) mean that you can find the absolutely perfect speed for your personalized workout.
  • The Elite-3300 comes with all necessary extraneous pieces in addition to the basic stem of the machine, so there’s no pressure to order additional pieces to “improve” the machine’s overall effectiveness.


  • This machine features standard vibration body workout machine components that are simply improved upon, so if you were skeptical about the effectiveness of such a machine before, your opinion likely won’t change after reading this review.
  • At over 80 pounds, this machine may be difficult to relocate for some users. In order to avoid having to struggle to move it, it might be best to take extra consideration in deciding the optimal position to place the machine.


Overall, the Axis-Plate Elite-3300 Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine’s most impressive feature is its sturdiness. It is rare to find a body vibration workout machine that combines sturdiness with the standards of power and design, not to mention its simple assembly process and easiness to maintain its clean look. If you are looking for a new body vibration workout machine that you can use for many years to come, then this is the one to buy.