Vibration Machine Reviews: Aurora Health & Beauty Ultra Thin Vibration Trainer

The Aurora Health & Beauty Ultra Thin Vibration Trainer is a must in your fitness regime. Whole-body vibration offers fitness and health benefits. It can be a program you add to other workouts you enjoy. With vibration training, a machine sends energy to your body. This forces your muscles to contract and relax. The numerous muscle contractions and relaxations exercise your body and turbo charge your workout. Most people enjoy adding low-impact training to their fitness routine and shaking up their warm up and cool down routines. The vibration trainer will offer you another fun alternative to stay fit and look your best.


The streamlined portable design of this machine makes it ideal for home use. It is light, only 40 lbs. and has wheels so moving it wherever you need to is easy. The platform size is 7″ H x 17″ W x 30″ D so it doesn’t take up too much room. Whether you prefer to control your options manually or by using the handy remote control, you can easily select the workout of your choice.

Adjustable Features

This machine offers two huge adjustable features to provide you with flexibility in your workouts with the vibration trainer. First, there are 3 separate built-in workout programs so you can choose the one that best fits your needs for the day. The options can be set in 10 minute intervals. Second, the upper body resistance bands are adjustable. This is important if you are changing exercise positions and also allows others to use the machine.

Vibration Capacity

The small but powerful vibration capacity of the trainer will help not only give you a low-impact work out, but help warm up and cool down your muscles. The contracting and relaxing of your muscles from the vibrations will improve blood flow and circulation, build muscle endurance, strength, and tone and flex your muscles. Research has also shown that vibration training performed correctly can reduce back pain, improve balance, reduce bone loss, and avoid muscle atrophy and injury.


  • Weighing at just 40lbs and featuring wheels, this machine is easily relocated and stored
  • 3 built-in vibration workout programs, with manual mode option and a remote control for convenient controlling options
  • 10 minute session intervals with adjustable time options to suit your workout needs
  • Adjustable upper body resistance bands to give you the perfect fit
  • The thin ultra light design enables the machines energy to work for you and not for the machine
  • Optimal acceleration and 45+ Hz Frequency of mechanical energy transfers optimal vibration to your muscles, giving you a challenging workout


  • The platform area (17″ X 30″) may limit ability to perform some exercise positions
  • There is less g-force at optimal frequency on a lineal platform (vs. a pivotal) but seems to not be a big issue as the choice of platform is a question of personal preference


Overall, the great features and benefits of using the Aurora Health & Beauty Ultra Thin Vibration Trainer make this seem well worth giving it a try. The training machine produces ample vibration frequency to offer you the health benefits you are looking for. Whether you are working out to lose weight or working out to stay fit and healthy, vibration training is an excellent addition to your aerobic and strength training activities. Whatever your goals are, you need to check out vibration training today.