Vibration Machine Reviews: Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Massage Machine Exercise Trainer Plate

Vibration platforms are a new trend in the fitness world. With scientific evidence growing every day, there is no doubt that proper implementation of vibration can have several positive impacts on your health. Improved circulation, motor skills, bone density and several other positive benefits have been demonstrated with a slew of studies. The trick is, each person requires different vibration speeds based on their physiology and goals. The Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Massage Machine is an excellent tool for breaking into vibration exercise.

Preset Programs

The machine has three unique, preloaded programs that are ready to service most typical body types and workout needs. Just ten minutes with this device easily replaces hours of more conventional exercise. The unique needs of your body have already been anticipated.

Variable Settings

The massage patterns have many options, making it easy to optimize any workout. With adjustable time, speed and massage strength, you can perfect a routine that gets the most for your efforts. Whether you are working on specialized movements, such as for a sport or dance, or if you just want more mileage out of your exercise time, the Ancheer Plate has the right vibrations for you.

Compact Size

Since this vibration platform is portable, you can take it with you. When you travel, you can maintain your regimen. It is easy to store, so you never have to worry about bulky storage or sacrificing practical space in your home to a cumbersome exercise machine. This effectively eliminates the biggest problem with most workout related equipment. You can fall into a healthy training schedule and stick to it no matter what craziness life throws your way.


  • The compact size makes it very convenient to take with you or store
  • Presets and variable settings make it easy to use and explore the best workout for you
  • Many platforms cost several thousand dollars. This one is available for much less.
  • Effects can be felt from the very first use
  • Excellent for anyone new to vibration exercise


  • Larger, more expensive platforms can have even more settings
  • Offers minimal coaching for optimizing different workouts

Bottom Line

There are platforms that offer quite a few features that you won’t find on the Ancheer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Massage Machine, most notably guided workouts. Even so, the convenience and dramatically reduced price make this an extremely appealing first time vibration platform. The investment to try the craze for yourself is so much less scary with the Ancheer, and you really will feel the effects immediately after your first workout. If you want to experience the many benefits of vibration fitness, consider this platform.