Vibration Machine Reviews: A3 Whole Body Vibration – V3000

If you are looking to get toned, increase overall fitness, and better your health for the new year, the A3 Whole Body Vibration – V3000 is exactly what you may be looking for! A state-of-the-art fitness machine with vibrating technology can help with physical fitness and building a better physique. This product delivers vibration training and varying speeds of vibration to suit your specific needs.

If you finally want that sculpted body you have always wanted, would like to remove cellulite, would like to destress those muscles after a workout, or if you want to gain strength, the V3000 is for you. Bettering one’s physical appearance and health has never been easier!


The A3 whole body vibration machine is designed to work with individuals that have varying levels of fitness. The machine has an LED backlit screen connected to a keyboard. Users may use the keyboard to enter their own individual stats. Users may also use the screen to choose a workout program. The machine includes straps and a mat to help support the upper and lower body. A remote is also included, making the machine that much more handy!

Health Benefits

Using the V3000 can result in many health benefits. The vibration technology is useful for aiding the body in bettering balance, range of motion, flexibility, and strength. The V3000 is also beneficial for those who would like to relieve muscle stiffness pre and post workout. The V3000 can allow users to work out without harming their body because the machine is low impact in nature. That means you can see results with overstressing your body.

Exercise Program Options

If you are in need of a machine that will help sculpt your body in time for summer, the V3000 promises to deliver just that. The system can be set to a number of programs that can tone and pinpoint specific areas of the body. Core work, upper body, and lower body are a few of the programs that this vibration machine offers. New to vibration technology? The V3000 has a low and high vibration option so that users can choose what is right for them.


  • Numerous exercise programs/settings
  • Remote-controlled
  • Health benefits
  • Low and high vibration settings
  • Can conform to various levels of fitness
  • Low-impact


  • Since it’s a large machine you may find it hard to move around the house

In conclusion, this machine seems like it would be a great low-impact exercise option for those who want to try a non-traditional approach to a health-conscious lifestyle. The A3 Whole Body Vibration – V3000 offers a number of health benefits and can be made useful to individuals with varying degrees of exercise and fitness experience. The consumer should be aware of exactly what the machine does. It will not make you a bodybuilder, but will cause an increase in muscle definition and increased circulatory health. This machine would make a great workout supplement, especially for those recently overcoming an injury.