Vibration Machine Reviews: 1500W Dual Motor Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine by MTN Gearsmith

The market now counts with different vibration machines as this trend has been exploding in popularity. Considering several factors and conditions to find the right machine to have a good experience while doing exercise, this factors include direction of movement, the amplitude, gravitory force, frequency, durability, and price. There are two types of independent motion in one machine, and they are called dual motion or hybrid, which means that the machine is composed by two motors with the option to operating at the same time.

The new 1500W Dual Motor Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, a reliable brand that offers you for a good cost, is a regular choice for most people, having it in your place gives you the chance to exercise at any time, in case you all day at the office or in your business.

Features and specifications

  • Comes with dual motors (Triangular Oscillation and Tri-Planer Vibrations)
  • Equipped with easy to read large LCD screen (about 3×2 inches)
  • It has large Platform/Plate (Size: 27.25″ x 20″)
  • It has up to 60 different speed levels for each motor
  • Maximum user weight: 400 pounds

Triangular Oscillation and Triplaner vibrations to the entire body

The function of the vibration is to help to strengthen the muscles of your hip, flexor and core; it will stabilize your entire body, also your spine. These vibrations strengthen the muscles that stabilize your joints and will improve your blood circulation to reduce pain.

Large platform and plate

Take advantages of the large platform plate of this fitness machine for convenience. The vibration plate helps to increase your metabolism, also your muscles will get stronger, and you will feel more energy. Your body is going to start to burn calories from food faster; once your metabolism has risen you will start to see results, in your health and well being.

Set up

Each motor counts with one to sixty different levels of speed, the vibrations of the plate will have an impact on your muscles contractions, also they will force your muscles to contract repeatedly depend on the levels you set, it will proved strength, balance and coordination.

Overall, in case you want to purchase a long lasting product and also a beneficial device for your health, well being and body, then the 1500W Dual Motor Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is definitely what you need. Thanks to its capacity you will have a truly fitness experience with the vibration plate training, also it will help to stimulate glands, and to improved the flow of your body and a stronger immune system. By stimulating your muscles blood pressure problems will disappear, as this one drops your body will keep more oxygen to the cells of your body, so you will feel more energetic.